Cпілка археологів України

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Selected papers from Ukrainian Journal "Arkheolohiia" 2011: Contents


Diachenko O.V. Central Place Theory in Archaeology. Determination of the Relative Dates and Settlements Size

Stupak D.V. Explorations of Epigravettian Sites in the South of the Middle Desna Area

Burdo N.B. Anthropomorphic Figurines from the Trypillian Settlement of Maydanetske

Bunyatyan K.P., Pozikhovskyi O.L. A Settlement of the Horodotsko-Zdovbytska Culture near Ostroh

Kotenko V.V. Grey-Ware Pottery from the Maslyny Settlement

Gopkalo O.V. Male and Female Dress Accessories in the Chernyakhiv Culture

Gershkovych Ya.P. Korkut’s Heritage in the Cuman Milieu of the North Pontic Region

The List of Articles and Summaries in the «Arkheolohiia» Journal

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